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Supply to COSCO Zhejiang, China Shipping Industry, Jiangsu Rongsheng, CSSC Chengxi, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry, Sainty Shipbuilding (Yangzhou), Jiangsu Hantong,Yangzhou Guoyu Shipbuilding,Zhejiang Zhenghe, Jiangsu Huatai blocks, hatch covers and other steel products for 15000T,35000T,57000T,57300T,76000T,82000T,156000T,176000T bulk freighter & oil tanker.

Supply port machinery and all types of large-scale steel structure to CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., Pressure vessel and chemical machinery to China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd.

Design and manufacturing more than 20 barges to Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong clients.

Pingdong Town Industrial Park,Tongzhou,District,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province.
Tel:86-513-80168888 Fax:86-513-80161111
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