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ship harbor 200T platform truck CNC plasma cutting machine 1200T hydraulic machine
12m edge planing machine 60X3200m bending machine CNC high speed drilling machine Vertical lathe
annealing furnace NDT inspect room    
The company has advanced machinery and equipments such as plasma, CNC cutting equipments, submerged arc welding machines, Longmen welding machines, CO2 gas shielded welders, bending, hydraulic, milling and other processing machinery, ensuring the needs of various parts processing. We have three 50X20 m abrasive blasting workshops, a 30X8 m annealing furnace and a 30X8 m NDT inspect room. It has a 5000T ship harbor and dock, a 500M deepwater coastline, two 5000T berths and maximum lifting capacity is 200T, thus meeting the production, manufacture, transport, turnover of all kinds of steel structure products.
Pingdong Town Industrial Park,Tongzhou,District,Nantong City,Jiangsu Province.
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